quantum roofing finished job for torch on roofing

Torch-on Roofs

Torch On Roofing in Maple Ridge generally consists of 2 plies or layers of Modified Bitumen Membrane. Each layer, or pile, is approximately 3 to 4 mm thick. Its base ply is either attached to the substrate with adhesive or mechanically secured (using screws through large washers known as “plates”). The cap sheet is much similar in composition, but most times has a granulated surface to offer protection from the elements. Both the bottom face of the cap sheet and the top surface of the base sheet feature a thermo-fusible plastic surface. This means that they can be fused – or joined together – thermally, in this case by means of melting both surfaces using a propane torch. The major boon of Torch On Roofing in Pitt Meadows is its durability. These roofs are expected to have an average lifespan of 25 years, de with depending on the varying local conditions and installation practices. Low maintenance costs and resistance to UV rays are also selling points. In recent years, the costs of installing Torch On Roofing in Coquitlam has come down and its quality has gone up, meaning that it’s a cost effective alternative for flat roofs.