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Laminated Shingles

The laminated shingle installed by our Quantum roofers is a type of shingle which provides greater support as compared to the traditional, 3-tab strip shingle. Laminated shingles are basically a beefed up version of 3-tab shingles. It is created by attaching 2 shingles together rather than using just one. The shingles are over-lapped and then nailed in place when installing and after a roofing is done the tabs are the only visible component of every shingle. Those unfamiliar with roofing oftentimes assume each tab is one individual shingle. This process adds to the overall strength and durability of the roofing by our Quantum roofers. The primary aim of laminated shingles installed by our Quantum roofers is to offer a more natural and deeper look compared to that provided by a conventional 3 tab shingle which is why they’re sometimes also known as architectural shingles. Laminated shingle creates depth through featuring tabs of various widths which are then separated by large, randomly spaced gaps. These large spaces in between the cut tabs highlight the tabs thickness, thereby creating a wonderful, visually-appealing depth effect. Some laminated shingles employ diverse tones, shades and contrasting colors so as to create an even more unique, yet natural appearance. They give the illusion of a wooden or slate roof for only a fraction of the cost. The laminated shingle holds up well against damage from falling objects and is less likely to blow away in the wind. By virtue of the heavier construction, with more protective fiberglass, asphalt and granules per square foot, the laminated shingles can resist heat, sun, impact and water damage more effectively and thereby are capable of lasting longer than 3-tab shingles.