Throughout British Columbia, Quantum Roofing – Maple Ridge Roofers enjoys spending time in the city as it’s undoubtedly one of the few locations that are so impressive thanks to its natural setting. Founded near the Fraser River, the community is comprised of the neighborhood such as Port Haney, Port Hammond, Whonnock, and Ruskin. From the earliest days, the river has been the most important part of Maple Ridge, allowing goods and people to move freely as the early settlement continued to grow. To the north, the territory is equally impressive as it is framed by the Golden Ears and Coast mountain range that offers and impressive view all year round. Maple Ridge is by far one of the most scenic and relaxing places to live.

Its residents make Maple Ridge even more enticing as a place to settle and grow. Community involvement is a way of life in this Vancouver-based area, as the people are continuously involved in the goings on within Maple Ridge. Whether a person is into sports, the arts, or simply finding a way to effectively and efficiently serve their community, Maple Ridge has become a popular location thanks to the many efforts of its people. The website that exists tells a great deal about the community and how to participate in the many activities that take place year round.

Things to Do in Maple Ridge

Taking its beauty from the natural setting, Maple Ridge is also abuzz with activity throughout much of the year. Some activities are dependent upon the current season, but there is always something to do, such as:

Visiting the Acts Art Center

The Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council prides itself on providing the best and most up to date artistic expressions to its community, and have been around for a little over four decades. The Act Arts Center, commonly known as “The ACT,” is a place where residents and visitors can go to watch new and innovative presentations and view new and exciting pieces of artwork that are placed on display.

Take advantage of a superior educational system

Maple Ridge is well renowned for its stellar track record in the field of education. Students receive useful, in-depth lessons that allow them to expound and learn to become creative, innovative thinkers. A strong educational background is essential to the continued development of a community, and Maple Ridge is entirely devoted to the many needs that its youth have during their school years.

Make your way to the public library

As a part of the Fraser Valley Regional Library system, the Maple Ridge Public Library houses an impressive array of online titles and can also provide the traditional library experience for its users. It also offers an impressive number of programs that are accessible by both users of all ages.

There is no shortage of volunteerism and service clubs

Part of what makes Maple Ridge so great is that a significant number of residents take the time to volunteer and offer their services to keep the community up to date and working in an efficient and effective manner.

Tourism is a part of why Maple Ridge is so famous

There is a variety of things to do in Maple Ridge that has drawn the attention of many throughout the years. The existing website has an enormous amount of detail on the many different sites to see and the programs that exist for tourists to take part in.

If you like hiking, then you’re in luck

No matter where you might be in Maple Ridge the odds are good that you’re only about 10 to 15 minutes away from one of the many trails that are to be found around the community. If you find yourself needing some time to reflect go on and take a hike, get a breath of fresh air, and just relax.


People come to Vancouver BC for many reasons, as British Columbia does have a great deal to offer in the way of scenic settings and impressive communities such as Maple Ridge. Life in Maple Ridge is great simply because it’s people make it so, and because it exists as a resident-driven community.