The Beginning

Maple Ridge is one of British Columbia’s first municipalities. It was on September 12, 1874, that a group of settlers met at John McIvers’ far and made a decision to incorporate. Less than fifty families began Maple Ridge, but they saw even then that it had the potential to be prosperous. They also saw their opportunity to create a home where future generations could live as well.

The name “Maple Ridge” was picked because the McIver farm boasted a beautiful line of maple trees along the ride of the farm bordering the Fraser River. Those first fifty families held a vote and officially created the new municipality.

As time passed Maple Ridge added neighborhoods like Hammond, Whonnock, Webster’s Corners, Ruskin, Albion, and Yennadon. Each separate neighborhood had a post office, community center, several churches as well as schools. Maple Ridge was not only named after the stand of trees along the Fraser River, but it also grew along the river as well. The province’s first transit route helped Maple Ridge to flourish. In 1895 the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed, and the tracks followed the southern border of Maple Ridge and were adjacent to the Fraser River as well. The railroad brought with it an enormous economic boost for Maple Ridge as a result of “The National Dream” of coast-to-coast railroads was realized. Local agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing industries grew as a result of the addition of the railroad to Maple Ridge. Markets for local good was able to grow to the east and west of the community.

What Is Maple Ridge Know For?

Maple Ridge is now known for more than agriculture and forestry. It has grown to include technology, education services and serves as a host for television and film crews as well as a growing manufacturing sector. Those first fifty families were correct in seeing the potential for growth and prosperity in the area because Maple Ridge is now home to around 76,000 people and has been named a high growth area in Vancouver.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia has diverse natural elements for residents to enjoy. There is the Fraser River to the Fraser River to the South and the Golden Ears Mountains to the North. The neighborhood residents can enjoy a series of rivers and parks that allow an escape into nature within close range of their homes. There are also high-quality arts and recreation facilities. The vision of the original settlers is alive in the people of the community today in the way that they participate in many volunteer activities to better the community.

Present Day

Community festivals are a common occurrence, and sports fields are usually full of children playing their favorite game. Service clubs and community organizations work to make Maple Ridge a better place to live. All festivals, sports leagues, and community organizations are led by volunteers willing to work for the good of the community. The town has hosted the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Tour as well as a Caribbean Festival, Country Fest, and the annual Santa parade with the help of volunteers. People get involved in their community and continue to make it stronger and recognize the dreams of the original settlers. On September 12, 2014, the 140th anniversary of the incorporation of the community the District of Maple Ridge officially became the City of Maple Ridge, completing the vision of the first municipality residents.