Frequently Asked Questions

Why are winter and spring the best time to have your residential roofing project done?

In the first half of the year most roofing companies are slow or short of work, this means that your chances of getting a much better price are very good , also when we’re not as pressured to rush like in the busy season your likely to get a better quality installation. Roofing prices are affected by supply and demand like anything else, from September to December is our busiest time and customers should expect higher pricing (possibly up to 20%) and long waits to get your roofing job done during this time of year. To most people a roof seems like a huge project but to a roofing company it is a very simple task, even in the rainy season we can easily complete your re-roofing without risk.

Signs that your roof may need repair or replacement:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Loose or damaged flashings
  • Curled shingles
  • Deteriorating roof accessories
  • Staining & Algae growth
  • Excessive moss
  • Bubbles or Blistering on flat roofs
  • Roof granules worn away
  • Poor drainage/excessive water pooling
  • Dark spots on ceilings and/or peeling paint