The town of Maple Ridge is a 45-minute drive east of the city of Vancouver and is the second home of Quantum Roofing – Roofing Maple Ridge. It has some outdoor activities and urban conveniences. It is similar to the neighboring town of Pitt Meadows.

In the town of Maple Ridge, people can enjoy outdoor activities including bird watching, fishing, cycling, or horseback riding. There are some parks to explore. There are golf courses for those that want to work on their golf game. There are several great places to eat, and a person will get to check them out on the Circle Farm Tour.

This community it next to the Fraser River which has lush green mountains. Maple Ridge has some historical places to visit as well as sites that show off the heritage of this town. During the year some different festivals are held to celebrate the town and its history. For those that are looking for adventure, they can go skydiving. There are some art studios for people that enjoy the arts.

Bird Watching

There are nesting grounds near Pitt Lake to see the birds. This is one of the largest freshwater lakes, and blue herons, as well as bald eagles, hang out in this area. There are some great trails for cyclists as well.

Water Play

Salmon and sturgeon are found in the Fraser River as well as Pitt Lake. Trout hang out at the Dolly Varden, Golden Ears Provincial Park, and Rolley Lake Provincial Park. Besides fishing a person can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding, and water skiing.

Horseback Riding

The Haney Horseman Association is one of the most popular places to go horseback riding. There are some trails to explore in Maple Ridge as well.


Many of the shopping centers are in the downtown area of Maple Ridge. There are around 600 different places to shop with affordable prices. A person can get anything from furniture to home decorations. Monkey Business is a favorite place to get toys and children’s clothing. The Dreamscape Gift Gallery has something for everyone.

Circle Farm Tour

This is a great stop for those that love food. There are some local meats and organic honey to try. On this tour, a person can visit Laity Pumpkin Match and meet some farm animals. They can also get food at Hopcott Premium Meats or Bruce’s Country Market. It is recommended to try the smoked salmon.

History of Maple Ridge

This town is 85 so km, and a person can visit the Pitt Meadows Museum and the Maple Ridge Museum to learn about the town. They can also go on the Fraser River Heritage Walk. If they are lucky, they may be in town for festivals including the Caribbean Festival or the Maple Ridge Jazz & Blues Festival which is held at Memorial Peace Park.

Famous Residence

Some world-class athletes have cove out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Cam Neely who is an NFL player for the Boston Bruins is originally from Maple Ridge. Baseball player Larry Walker is from this town. He had a 16-year long professional baseball career. The late Greg Moore become of one the best Indy drivers during the 1990s started off in this area.

Local Musicians

The father and son team Elmer Tippe and Rick Tippe are from Maple Ridge. David Townsend from the band Strapping Young Lad if from this town. Rocker Matthew Good was also born in this area.


Actress Molly Parker is originally from Maple Ridge. This town has been home to some movies. Scenes from Twilight and the A-Team were shot in the Golden Ears Provincial Park. Happy Gilmore, Jumanji, and 3000 Miles to Graceland were also filmed in various locations in Maple Ridge.